State College House of Prayer

Email us at to submit a prayer request.

State College House of Prayer is currently inactive. If you are interested, please come visit our church in State College, PA, and as we grow and gather enough people to make it happen, it could be started up again. In the meantime, we encourage you to enjoy the Vineyard, where we highly value worship and prayer. In fact, IHOP-KC, the leader of the House of Prayer movement, was once a Vineyard church. Here in State College, we want to see Jesus lifted up in worship and prayer every day and in every place. Again, if you are excited about the House of Prayer movement, we would love for you to join us, and some day, perhaps, a prayer room could be made in State College again. Or, if you are looking for churches in State College, PA, try out Vineyard Trailblazers Church of State College, PA. On this page are some excerpts from the old House of Prayer - State College website.


"To glorify Jesus and partner with Him through continual worship and prayer unto His exaltation and our region’s transformation."


  1. "To provide a consistent place for prayer and worship within the State College community in the heart and spirit of the Tabernacle of David (I Chron. 22-25) and based upon the heavenly picture in Revelation 5.
  2. To gather singers, musicians and intercessors who feel called to intercede and minister to the Lord in this way.
  3. To encourage, bless, and partner with other saints and ministries in the Centre Region who love Jesus."

Historical Perspective

"State College, although small in size, is a melting pot of nations and cultures. People from all over the world gather hear at Penn State to receive an education and this provides a unique opportunity to win souls and equip people who would finish the task of world evangelism (Matt 24:14). For these reasons, we are committed to praying for the city and the college so that we may see the glory of God revealed and impact lives for Jesus Christ and see it carried forth throughout the world."